6 days trail ride to Western City by Karpacz
Horse riding holidays Poland

6 days horse trail "Western City"

  • The total length about 100 km
  • Price: 350 EUR - includes:
    • 5 days of horseback ride (about 5-7 hours per day)
    • 5 nights in pensions
    • visit in Western City by Karpacz
    • full boarding (dinner + breakfast)
    • luggage transport

Rudawy Janowickie is one of the most beautiful mountain chains in Sudety still little known to tourists. Some time ago when we started riding out we have been to these mountains quite often. It’s time now to ride there again.

Day 1

  • 09:00 - meeting everyone
  • 10:00 - getting horses ready and departure
  • We start riding traversing along Kaczawa mountains to a horse farm in Komarno.
Horse trails Poland - Rudawy Janowickie

Day 2

  • We ride through Rudawy Janowickie, we climb the side of Sokolik mountain (well-known climbing centre), passing by interesting rock formations we get to Szwajcarka mountain hut where we stop for a “tea”.
  • We pass Jelenia Gora Valley and we get to Western City near Karpacz, where you can watch all kind of shows.

Day 3 - free day

  • we can stay in Western City
  • or we can organize a trip on Sniezka - the highest peak of Giant Mountains

Day 4

  • The horses take us up to a mountain pass which divides the Giant Mountains from Rudawy Janowickie.
  • We ride towards Czartak hostel situated in the heart of Rudawy.
Horse trails Poland - Rudawy Janowickie

Day 5

  • We ride to our base in Janowice Wielkie passing through an amazing place called “coloured lakes”.

Day 6

  • We trot along Bobr river through the picturesque village of Janowice Wielkie.
  • After climbing up the last considerably high mountain Szybowcowa, the horses sense their home getting closer, so we approach our farm in a fast mode.