7-days trail ride to the Lower Silesian Wilderness

7-day trail ride to the “Lower Silesian Wilderness”

Trail ride Poland Lower Silesia
  • price: 375 EUR includes:
    • 7 days of horseback ride (about 5-7 hours per day)
    • 6 nights in guesthouses or farm stays (varying standards)
    • full boarding (dinner + breakfast)
    • luggage transport

We have chosen this destination for the first time in year 2014 and we really liked it. For us and our horses the Great Forests proved to be a very nice variety. Our hucul horses trotted happily on the flat and sandy forest roads. The endless pine forests have their own specific climate, very mild and warm. In contrast to the mountain forests they provide a greater sense of security. In spring the woods are full of blueberries and in autumn mushrooms appear in such a quantity that it‘s difficult not to step on them.

The places at which we spent the nights turned out to be very nice. We are looking forward to coming back again and meeting our kind hosts who also turned out to be such great cooks.

The trail ride to the Great Forests consists both of routes over foothills as well as lowlands.

Trail ride Poland Lower Silesia

Day 1

  • We're are starting our trail riding through our beautiful Kaczawa foothills to our friend’s horse riding farm Patalejowo in Włodzice Wielkie.

Day 2

  • That day the terrain starts to get flat, the first half of the day we go mainly in between fields and in the second half we enter the great forests. The night we spend near the castle of Kliczków.

Day 3

  • We start with visiting the castle and then we enter the forests which take us all the way to our friend Jasinek and his horse farm, which is located in the heart of the Great Forests.

Day 4

  • The next day our horses carry us back south to a village called Czerwona Woda, and the trail continues through the woods.

Day 5

  • This day we ride direction Nowogrodziec, where we enter the territory of our trail leader friends, who travelled horseback around Poland, Europe and not only.
Trail ride Poland Lower Silesia

Day 6

Day 7

  • We ride quite high along beautiful hills, where we are constantly accompanied by the panorama of Jizera and Giant Mountains. Near the end of the trip we climb the medieval stone steps of castle Wlen where from the top of the tower you can already see our farm.
  • About 17:00 we arrive back to Modrzewie