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Best of 2014-2016


"Winter" horse trail to the capital of polish comedy

It should be snowy and freezing but it was sunny and warm like in the spring :) The highlights on the trail: jumping over the streams, meeting with Dariusz Miliński at the foot of Noah's Ark, passing by the market in Lubomierz and at the end a wonderful evening at our friend's farm in Radoniow.09.02.201417

Winter trip on horses

Beautiful, sunny day, real winter, great horses - is there something missing ?26.01.201410

2 horse trails to Jizera Mountains (Poland - Czech Republic)

2 horse trail through Jizera mountains to our czech neighbours.30.09.201386

Training for new horse trail guides

20 trainees were by us educated to horse trail guides. We hope, that they will make trail rides in southern-west Poland more popular.03.09.201210

Trail ride "Kwisa valley" 2012


Horse exhibition Lubomierz 2011

An autumn scenery trail to Lubomierz - a town where Kargul and Pawlak used to live. We went there, because we were invited to show our Hucul horses at the horse exhibition, that was held in Lubomierz that day. We presented our horses to the public and we rode back. On the way we got really thirsty, so we stopped for a "small" beer at the town square. Our horses also didn't go away without a treat - we would like to thank the people of Lubomierz for bringing the buckets of water for our thirsty mounts.01.10.201110

Horse trail to Kaczawskie Mountains

As an extension of the Izera trail ride we ride for about 3 days to the Kaczawskie Mountains. We stay in friendly farms in Chrośnica and Bystrzyca. During the ride we climb the highest peak of North Kaczawskie Mountains - Okole (714 m), and the former volcanic mountain - Ostzyca Proboszczowicka.15.08.20117

Polish-Czech horse trail to Jizera Mountains "Around the Smrk Mountain"

In between 06-12.08.2011 we rode high up through Jizera Mountains (western Sudety Mountains), covering 150km in total. The detailed description with gps maps: Jizera Mountain horse trail (in Polish).11.08.201130

Horse trail around Jelenia Góra valley

7 days on horseback around Jelenia Góra valley. We rode through Kaczawa Mountains, Rudawy Janowickie Mountains, Karkonosze Mountains and Izera Mountains. Our horses proved again, that they are professional climbers. We stayed for the nights in really friendly places. Every single hour of that trail was unique and everyone enjoyed it. On the last day we were accompanied by our friend, who rode with us back to Radomice on his beautiful Quarter Horse.21.08.201016

Middle Ages and horses

Once, upon a time, a friendly knight of Mark Meissen visited us accompanied by his beloved beautiful lady. After a short ride we couldn%u2019t resist a short photo session. Please visit our gallery and see how a real medieval knight might have looked like. (The medieval horse was about the size of the present hucul horse).17.04.201015

Horse trail through Kaczawa Mountains

It was a beautiful ride. The grass just turned green and everything stood in blossom - and high up on the horizon white Śnieżka Mountain and panorama of Karkonosze Mountains. Our route led From Dębrznik, through Colored Lakes, Mniszków, Janowice Wielkie, Radomierz, Chrośnica, Modrzewie,Nielestno. What we remember best was the escape of our stallion Niki (who probably smelled some mares in heat), fortunately not entirely successful. Best regards to the Farmer from Mniszków who invited us to his farm and helped us to repair a saddle.22.04.200723

Jizera mountains 2003 - first trail with the night out with the horses

This is how it all started. It was quite a while ago, but we still remember this trail pretty well. We wanted to get to Izera mountains. Somewhere around Barcinek we entered big woods and after few hours we landed up almost in the same place, where we started. Because it was already late, we put up a camp there. It was our first night out with the horses. We didn't have much experience then and we were pretty worried about the horses, but everything went on pretty well. After a whole day ride in the rain we managed to put up the tent and start the fire. In spite of bad weather it was a great expedition.01.08.200311